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These teas are the best! Flavorful, unique, and good for you. It's hard to drink any other brands after drinking Raizana.
Diana L.
Raizana tea is my favorite because they offer both wellness & sipping teas, hibiscus & tranquility are amazing, I drink them every day!
Pedro U.
Love Raizana Teas. The best Tea shop in Fresno.The Knowledge of health benefits from their blends are amazing. Sol and Pablo are excellent owners and go out of the way help your experience be perfect. I refer all my clients to Raizana Tea.
Len O.
Five stars. Love the tea! Can't get enough!
Noemi S.
They have a great selection of tea to enjoy, but also to learn how to improve your overall well being! I have been incredibly impressed with their quality of tea, knowledge and zeal to share what they know.
Sol E.
Love their teas!!! Taste great and the wellness ladies works wonders for me!!!! I live in Monterey so I'm really glad they are in California.
Brittany A.
Raizana Tea Co. are great people. They are knowledgeable, friendly and care about their community. By the way their teas are effective and awesome! Give them a try!
Eddie S.
Amazing. Best teas ever. Also, Pablo and Sol are incredible people so it makes the experience even that much better.
Kira K.
Raizana Teas are very tasty and health-promoting. I personally love the Digest-Tea, Fluidi-Tea and Tranquili-Tea. These are my go-to gifts for people because they are very attractively packaged.
Elena P.
Your staff willingness to go above and beyond to meet my request was superb. You have a customer for life and I will recommend you to everyone who is looking for EXCELLENT customer service.
Martha L.
Their teas are fantastic, I could drink Happy Tea all day long. Plus they are the NICEST people.
Craig S.
Raizana Teas is one of my favorite locally-owned business! I have tried most of their teas. The teas I drink on a regular basis are: HappyTea, DigestTea, and PuriTea. From reading the other reviews, you can already guess that the teas taste very well. I agree!
Veronica S.
Love their Happy Tea! I need to get more ASAP...
Brooke G.
I couldn't honestly say that I was a tea person until I discovered this amazing place! Not only is the tea absolutely addicting, but they custom made tea just for my needs
Laney D.
Sol and Pablo are so helpful in finding a tea blend that you like and fits your lifestyle! They are two of the sweetest people and every time you drink their tea you are reminded of how great the people that mix it for you are!
Michelle W.
Love their amazing tea blends (gluten-free), friendly service & unique products. G-Free Foodie
K.C. P.
Raizana absolutely has the best tea in town! I loved the fresh taste of their herbal tea. As they have so many different flavors you definitely can find the one you love.
Yushan N.
This cute little tea shop is just down the street from my work which is AWESOME. I have tried just about every tea they have & they are all wonderful. I love when they have the sample teas!
Johanna H.
I love the digestive tea with cilantro in it. My other favorites are the chai tea for weight loss, tranquilitea, and happy tea. With Raizana, you know where your tea is coming from, what is in it, and that it is in safe packaging.
Cole J.
Was not much of a tea person until recently! Delicious teas and such friendly service! Love supporting businesses like these
Melissa S.
I was very impressed by the tea house and their teas especially the calmness tea is great.
Candi M.
I super enjoy Raizana's Happy Tea. It was a surprise gift from daughter and now I will have a hard time drinking any other tea. You know how to spoil me. Thank you :)
Deannine R.
Super awesome teas, super awesome people! They truly care about bringing high quality food products to Fresno.
Ashley C.
Raizana Teas is my perfect get away to sleepiness or stress, because they have the cure. On my last visit the barista explained to me the various teas. I was just so impressed by the good customer service.
Umar R.
Raizana Teas are the epitome of refreshing. I've never enjoyed a more light, crisp taste in a tea. The sleepy tea is my favorite. It's got a nice relaxing effect that is the perfect end to a long day.
Hannah J.
Great place to get your Wellness Teas, bring your family and friends for some taste and the ongoing monthly Arthop & Wellness workshops.
Adaniel L.